We know that great branding is more than a look – it’s a feeling.


Create  Communicate 2C is a boutique marketing and creative consultancy specialising in communication, visual merchandising, design and events. We know that great branding is more than a look – it’s a feeling. You need more than cold calculation. You need inspiration. Warmth. Emotion. Life.

At 2C, we live for great experiences. They don’t have to be grand to be meaningful sometimes the simplest things can be the most inspiring;

A glass of newly discovered wine, Stumbling across a fantastic cafe you never knew existed, discovering a new art gallery hidden down a back lane, making new friends, or reconnecting with old ones

Basically, we love being inspired.  We love nothing better than to use our inspirations in our work with clients. Visual branding is about bringing your identity to life, and creating an emotional and personal engagement with your audience.

We believe that all aspects of the creative process should form a seamless whole, translating your brand’s identity into an inspiring consumer experience.  Specialising in Visual Merchandising, Brand Activations, Retail Experience and brand communication, we can deliver a comprehensive  solution like no other.

With an informed knowledge of the Australian retail market CC2C draws on years of experience managing national and international creative campaigns, helping to design inspired marketing campaigns as well as providing access to our international network of media sources.

CC2C is made up of specialists across all areas including Creative Design, Communication and Marketing Strategy, Visual Merchandising & Events, who together are the creative team who share Paul’s experience, talent and passion for bringing inspired ideas to life.